Thursday, December 18, 2008

Understanding Economic Conspiracies As Being Really Dumb

I knew that I was dumb when I could not explain the difference between naivete and ignorance.

Really dumb - right ?

But, is this also an example of stupidity ?

And, where, in these scenarios, does indifference play out its role ? And, how does edification cause us to be less dumb ?

And, oh yes, I thought that I could, also, define the importance of money as being paramount to intellect - and, that these two elements very seldom are found together in the same room.

So, how dumb are we supposed to be here in 2009 as we watch the meltdown of the global economies : as we witness grunts' savings dissipate into phantom realms where generals skulk ?

Now is this dumb or stupid ? And, what is a Money Master ? Enjoy Psyche Truth !
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